The Annapolis conference, held on November 27, 2007 at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. The purpose of the conference was to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict along the lines of President Bush's Roadmap for Peace. The plan the conference put forward was a two-state solution.

Whether the plan is a one state solution or two-state solution, the plan must fail and the local specific reasons are clear. From a political point of view, Israel insists that Israel be recognized as a state for the Jewish people. This is inconsistent with the Palestinian demand that the descendants of the 1947 Palestinian refugees be allowed entry into Israel and become citizens of Israel. For then Israel would not longer be a state with a Jewish majority. If there is not a Jewish majority, then it cannot be a Jewish state. If it cannot be a Jewish state, then its Jewish citizens would have no safety, exactly like it is in all the other Mideastern countries where the Jews are in constant oppression and persecution.

Bush Olmert Abbas
Bush, Olmert, and Abbas at Annapolis